Tuesday 16 October 2012

posted in abu dhabi airport - but written in hyderabad

Final blog from team India - posted in Abu Dhabi, half way home!

This blog covers Sunday and Monday, because not a lot happened on Sunday except for flying from Rajahmundry to Hyderabad and all the travel to and from airports, checking in and collecting bags etc.

The SJA cohort had a slightly more exciting evening on arrival at Hyderabad as the Hyderabad St John Ambulance Association met them and whisked them off to a special event which included being presented with garlands of flowers, listening to and making speeches, honouring the local SJA founder by laying flowers on his grave, eating chocolate cake and curry puffs as part of a delicious buffet, and being presented with mementoes of their visit. They all arrived at our accommodation festooned in fragrant flower garlands and marveling at the somewhat surreal experience they had just enjoyed!

Monday morning meant a visit to the market, which enabled the team to put into practice their haggling skills. Watch out folks at home for an array of fabulous souvenirs heading your way.

After all that retail therapy we headed to the Royal Place of the Nissam of Hyderabad for a spot of culture the calmness in the palace was a welcome respite from the incessant tooting of the Indian roads. We then had a short if slightly hair-raising walk to the Charminar; Hyderabad’s most famous monument for a photo opportunity.

Back on the bus we headed to a somewhat dog-eared amusement park (think Preston park meets a naff fun fair where all the rides are broken and closed) to grab a taste of some authentic Indian street food. The chilli bajis were absolutely gorgeous though, and worth every security check we went through to get to them!.

We’re now back at the accommodation getting our bags packed and ready for our grand homecoming. We can’t wait to see all our loved ones tomorrow and to sleep in our own beds!!!!!


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