Sunday 8 July 2012

The last post

Reece and Rochelle (Boggles) writing.
Today is the last day and we all became tourists for the day. We firstly went to a Kazuri beads factory. A nice man with a funny voice gave us a tour of the factory and showed us the process of the making of the beads and plates, dishes etc. We had the opportunity to buy from their factory shop at the end of the tour, but as most of us forgot our cheque books we didnt get much. 
We then moved onto the Elephant sanctuary where we saw baby elephants as young as 1 month old, and adult elephants. One of the elephants was either drunk and thought he fight the world or was just a little crazy, as he charged at the crowd and knocked someone over with its trunk, it wasnt any of our team though so dont panic! 
The next stop was for lunch at the Birds of Paradise Market. Jam, ham and even marmite sandwiches were on offer! Again we had a chance to buy some gifts to take home. Back on the rollercoaster bus again and it was off to the Giraffe Sanctury, where we got to take photos, stroke and feed the giraffes from both our hands and mouths! The 2 giraffes were Lynn and Kelly. The other giraffes ran away when Millie decided to start screaming and jumping around shouting “SUPER SEXY KELLY!”. 
It was then time to move onto the Maasai Market, where we were all swamped by people trying to flog their gear to us, luckily there are a few bartering experts in  our team so we got our gifts for a bit less than the asking price, so everyone has walked away happy with their presents and gifts. James and Vicky even had time to venture away to  to the shopping mall and buy some fresh strawberries! 
We all went out for dinner for our final evening in Kenya, with lovely food and several power cuts throughout the night! Vicky and Rochelle led the dancing routines, with some very different dancing styles! We bidded our final farewells to Kenyanito and left to go back to the hostel where the party continued with Reece and Mason playing crazy golf in the lounge, and the girls playing Uno. That was about it for the day, everyone is buzzing for the 6.30am breakfast!! See you soon, peace and love.

message from Helen (one of the team leaders) to all parents, siblings, spouses, offspring, fiancees, partners etc:
'thank you so much for letting your child / sibling / spouse / parent / fiancee / partner etc come on this trip. Everyone has been truly amazing and together they have created and delivered some incredible expereince and memories for the children and staff at Spurgeon's. Each of the team will come home changed in some way -none of us manage a trip like this without being changed, and there will be lots of processing and reflecting to be done over the coming weeks and months,
Enjoy hearing the stories and seeing the photos and thank you for walking this journey with us
be proud of your team-member and what they have achieved - individually and collectively, they have certainly done you proud.'

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Unknown said...

well done everyone
You should be very proud of all you have acheieved.
What time do we need to be at the school to pick them up ?