Monday 19 March 2012

To Ethiopia again for Comic Relief bid

Getting Comic Relief funding is no small feat... 6 stages including 2 written applications, a half day assessment, 2 independent panels, and the yes or no from their Trustees.

Turns out that we got a 'yes' for some of the funds we applied for on behalf of the local organisations in Addis Ababa we've been involved with ever since CRED started. Great news, even if it wasn't the whole package we went for.

However, the situation is complex, and there's stuff to sort out before we can implement it. So hello Heathrow my old friend - I'll be seeing you again on Saturday, since this is literally a flying visit where we work out the nitty gritty of what it means to 'transform lives' in practice. [ Budgets, spreadsheets, and clarifying project outcomes is not glamourous but hopefully helps get the job done :-) ]

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