Monday 11 April 2016

Monday - Dobrich, football and fajitas; plus reflections from Angel and Josh

Today we were treated to a slowish start as body clocks are still not on Bulgarian time, and getting up comes easier to some than others at the best of times!

After breakfast and a team meeting to sort out various bits and pieces, including learning some useful Bulgarian phrases, we went in to Dobrich to have a look around, do some bits of shopping, and do the supermarket shop for the meals we will be cooking.

Dobrich is a big town by Bulgarian standards, and used to be famous for shoe-making, but when communism stopped, the factories closed down and the town seems really struggling now in many areas. The town centre is being redone though and it was good to have time to look around. Some of the team were mainly shopping, but Angelina and Angel included some 'culture' when they looked round the art gallery.

Afterwards, half the team came straight home and the other half went shopping at the supermarket to get food as we are self-catering. It was quite a challenge finding some of the items as all the signs are in Bulgarian, and although we have learnt a few words we certainly haven't learnt how to read the word for 'stock cube' or 'cloudy apple juice'!
But, we got what we needed, and Angelina proved her prowess at cooking by making the most delicious fajita's for tea.

Before tea, some went exploring Kotlentsi (which doesn't take long as it's only a small village) and we had a great time playing football with the local children. It started out with just a few of them, but word soon got out and by the end we must have had about 25 - 30 children with us which is probably pretty much all of the children living in the village.

So, it's been a good day, and here are some thoughts from Angel to give an extra perspective:

'This afternoon was good, it was so nice just chilling with the kids. It was good to see kids together and not just on their phones and x-boxes which is what you always see down at Llanelli. you could tell they like it cos they were smiling and stuff and then they got more friends to come along

Even though they couldn't speak our language they wanted to get involved and try to chat with us, The lads really enjoyed playing the football, the girls hung back a bit, and the little ones were so cute, even though they were quite full on.

I don't think they get lots of attention at home which is why they liked having us around so much

The sheep on the pitch were awesome, I've never been playing football with sheep on the pitch before.

The art gallery this morning was really interesting as well. Dobrich was really unusual, some buildings are really poor, and some really posh, just very different. The art gallery was really interesting; we were shown round by a lady who explained all the art to us, she was like our own tour guide. Some of the drawings were of Dobrich and Bulgaria, it was all just really good to see. I'm glad we went in there rather than just all the photos.

it makes you think, seeing all these buildings and stuff, just how lucky we are. they haven't got things like we have, and we get worried if we don't have the latest iPhone etc, but it just makes me realise how much we do have. we are so fortunate and it makes you realise not to moan so much, or worry about what we do have.

Things here cost so little, and yet they still don't have enough money to even afford that.'

And before the photos, an additional comment from Josh:
'It's really nice here, I'm really enjoying it all, and I want to come back some time in the future'

Photos to follow!

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