Thursday 11 February 2016

Wednesday by Sammy and Lewis

After a long day yesterday, we were all very happy that we were able to have half an hour more in bed this morning. This is because we didn’t teach at Saint Maria Garetti School today, due to it being Ash Wednesday, therefore the children weren’t at school. 

At 9:00am we all travelled about 40 minutes to the butterfly space for the disabled children, which Alice also owns. We were welcomed by the workers there and then were split into two groups to be given tours around the community.

One group went to see where they get their fresh water and a massive crop pad where watermelons, kasava and maize are grown. The other group went on a tour to see their church, met the priests’ wife who was using a traditional sewing machine and they were shown how they made knives out of rods. 

Both groups met up at the market which was packed with people selling clothes, gadgets, fresh fruit and veg and a lot of fish (it was an extremely strong smell). We then all went back to the room where the workers previously welcomed us and were given our lunch – rice, kidney beans and pumpkin leaves. Afterwards, we were given the opportunity to buy homemade bags and wallets. Before we left, we all played with the children, who were all delighted to see us. We played parachute games, used the musical instruments, had games of football and danced, a lot!

We went to Saint Maria Garetti School in the afternoon to offer activities for the Standard 8 children, whose ages ranged about 13-16. The most popular was a big mural painting where the children were able to use all coloured paints with brushes, their fingers and sponges. Also, a lot of the older boys and girls were drawn to the volleyball game, which got very competitive!

After we packed up and left the children for another day, we drove down to the market to look at souvenirs. Most of us managed to find something to buy, and also haggled our way down to better prices!

We ended our night with a lovely meal of burgers, wedges and salsa. Currently, we’re all having a sit by the lake and watching a movie. We’ve had a lovely day and are looking forward to being inspired even more throughout the rest of our trip.

To all my family, I miss you all so much but am having the time of my life. I can’t wait to tell you all about the memories I’ve made here and the experiences I have witnessed, it’s simply amazing!
p.s. Mum, please send my love to Zara, I am missing her very much!
Love Sammy xx

Heyyy family it’s Lewis, I have missed you guys lots and lots! I’m glad to hear that Max is all good after his trip to the hospital! :O and I didn’t miss pancake day after all :D I’m loving every second of this trip wouldn’t change anything about it and can’t wait to see you all soon to tell you all about it!
Lots of love Lewis xx<3xx 


Michelle said...

Hello Jemma,

Sounds like another amazing day that you’ve all had. Going round the market sounds great even if a bit smelly! Wonder what you bought. Bet you enjoyed your burgers for tea and a movie in the open air. Can’t wait to hear all about your experiences when your home.

Love Nan, Grandad and not forgetting a woof woof from Bailey XXX

Unknown said...

Hi Sammy
Lovely to read your update. Of course I will send a message to Zara for you :)
Looks like another incredible day and I am looking forward to hearing all about it. I am sure it is an experience you will never forget and one that will help to make you an even 'better' person.
So proud of all that you are doing. Love you loads. Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx Enjoy the last few days !
Naomi and I are 'home alone' tonight and are both excited about our crispy duck! Easily pleased!

Michelle said...

Hi ya jems
Good to hear about your trip to the disabled unit hope it was all good and sounded interesting.
Sounds like the market was fun I hope you did some good haggling! The fish sounded good too, bet you loved the smell of that! Sounds like you are having nice dinners back at butterfly space, very lucky X
Not a lot to report from here today just turning over on the sunbed every hour!
Love you loads
Mum and Steve xxx

Unknown said...

Hi sasha another eventful day by the sounds of things. See you found a little friend by the pictures she looks a little cutie x hope you enjoyed the market but bet you held your nose lol. Have you changed your mossy band for the new one yet and hope you enjoyed the burgers last night. Not much going on here tbh but its gone colder again but suns been out all day x uncle john says to say hi and theyve named the baby jacob xx have fun andd make the most of the time there not many days left now lots of love mum xx
Hi to bex and hope sashas not doing your head in, your a star to put up with all them for 10 days x

Unknown said...
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Courtney said...

hi amber its Gramps, looks like you're having a great time in Malawi. Sorry I haven't posted on here, if it wasn't for your 13 year old sister helping me I wouldn't be able to be doing this! We can't wait to have you back home. Love you loads love from Nanan and Gramps xxx PS: I had to use Courtney's Google account as mine would not work xxx

Nehpets said...

♥ ♥ ♥ JACQUELYN ♥ ♥ ♥ - Well it's been a staggering 9° here compared with your 27° ( - H'mmm

Finally tracked down and scoured Monday's Echo trying to find mention of you - Not a thing :(

Hope you left them at the market with enough profit to buy their dinner - What about if: "Your asking five dollars right WELL I'm going to give you seven dollars" - Would certainly make someones day and maybe put an extra cup of rice on the table for dinner :)

Today $1.00 USD = £0.69 GBP

Which leads me nicely onto today's words of wisdom . . .

Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you" - Diana Spencer (Diana Princess of Wales - RIP)

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world . . . indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has" - Margaret Mead

"Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible" - Francis of Assisi

mumma page said...

Hey Lamara, love reading the blogs every day but need to see a little picture of you, missing your little face :)
So lovely to hear that your all enjoying this experience and that the weather is staying nice for you.
Had a busy day today cleared the who shed (yes finally we can walk in it)
Had a huge bonfire in the back of garden which has truely pleased the new neighbours!lol
We are now going to watch Logan in his musical play at oak academy.
I promised I would'nt message you every 5 mins of the day, like last time lol
I hope u approve ;) although you will be pleased to know that when you come home a new series of TOWIE is about to start :))))
Missing you lots love Mum xxx
P.S you're MAC makeup is safe xxx

Unknown said...

Hey Ellie
Looks like another amazing day for you all. Bet you enjoyed the market. Nice to hear you get a bit of shopping in ;-). Loved seeing you with the little girl holding her hand !! (It's going to be hard leaving them!!)
Missing you loads still and can't wait to have you home. i bet time is going fast for you but seems like forever since you have been gone to us.
We are out tonight for a meal for Nats bday and Lils excited because her costume comes tomorrow.
Remember to work hard, have fun and take every opportunity you have.
Love you lots and lots

Mum, dad , Keely and Lilly. Xx

Johnny Porter said...

Alright Ellie, good to see your having a good time and enjoying yourself. Feels weird not being able to talk to you I feel lost haha. At one point I actually got ready to meet you on Tuesday until I realised you were half way around the world, one of them moments I suppose lol. Oh I hope the flies for dinner went down well, I'll get you a bag full as a welcome home present;) I know you probably wanna stay and don't wanna come back but I'm looking forward to it and can't wait to see you! I'll look forward to hearing all about it when Your back, Enjoy your last few days ell, miss you xxx

Lisahopton said...

Bailey, that picture of you and Ollie swinging that little child is adorable. You boys are such kind souls. Bless you both. Boo, we have a new door on the garage. Phil made it as a surprise for me. I cried when I saw it :-(. You know what I'm like! lol, big softy. I bet you are loving it there. I miss you so much. Even Harrison is lost without you. Reena can't wait to give you a doggy kiss, woof woof. We have just taken her for a walk around whitecliff and baiter. Nan and grandad have gone up to auntie Joan's for a long weekend. Miss you more that butterflies ;-). Love you loads and loads xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Penny looks like another fab day you all have had. Loving the photos. Hope you bought some nice things from the market .
We are missing you loads . So proud

Love you

Mumma &Reebs xxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hey Amber, looks like your having a good time. I miss you loads and I can't wait to see you when your back so you can tell me all about it. Love you lots xxxx

Unknown said...

Hey Amber, looks like your having a good time. I miss you loads and I can't wait to see you when your back so you can tell me all about it. Love you lots xxxx

Nehpets said...

♦ ♦ ♦ JACQUELYN ♦ ♦ ♦ - Finally tracked down your Mama - been staying with a friend in Boscombe with her mobile switched off !!!

Tells me she hasn't unpacked the charger for her laptop yet !!!

Told her to call me when she gets back to the flat tomorrow and I will take my laptop round for her to send at least one message to you :)

H'mmm . . . thinking about it, maybe your charger might fit her laptop ?

Will take it with me on the of chance

Hopefully you might get her message before you are back in the UK

Am also on your brothers case about sending you at least one message - but you know what Scott's like - enough said.

Least you are getting one message a day . . . now who could that be from ?

Take care <3 <3 <3

Sara said...

Hi Abby , another lovely read of the blog & what you've all be getting up to . Hope you bought something nice to remember this Amazing experience by at the market . Nannie & Grandad Luff popped in today , they sat & read through the blog & looked all the fab photos & send their love to you & say they are thinking of you lots Xx
Hope you've remembered to pop those pills everyday !!!!!
Anyways we all love you heaps , missing you terribly so be ready for one gigantic squeeze when I finally see you lol . Enjoy the days remaining & saviour every moment , love youuuu Mum & Dad Xxx

Sara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hi Chloe - missing you (but not the mess). Enjoy reading the blog and seeing the photos of all the things that you are doing. Keep up the good work. Love from us all xx

Unknown said...

Phew, mind put at rest that there no reeds in the water near you sonson!!
Love you prince, Mummaxxxx

Unknown said...

Ellie Rose, hope you're having an amazing time, love your little friend, Enjoy your time and take care. Will look forward to hearing all About it. Lots of love. Us 5 xxxxx

Nehpets said...

For all you parents out there who would like to see BIGGER pictures of their loved ones

Whilst holding Ctrl down

+ (plus) = bigger

- (minus) = smaller


Whilst holding Ctrl down

scroll forward = bigger

scroll backward = smaller

Works with Windows can't advise for Mac etc.

Mum and Dad Beardmore said...

Hi Oli Bear.... Hope you are OK ... Hope you are OK and it looks as though you and Bailey are teaching them Ballroom or Latin Dancing!!!!! Hope the teaching is still going well.... Apparently you and Lydia were on Channel Four on Tuesday night. Your Ballroom teachers in London saw you and told Neil Harrison. We are trying to find the programme you may have been on for when you get back. Love you to the moon and back. xxxx Spray, Net and Pop.... Love you from Mum and Dad .xxxxxx

Taylor_Teaches said...

Hey team Taylor here!
First a shoutout to, of course Bex! Helen, Livvy, Mollie and everyone else!
It looks like you're having an amazing time! I wish I was there it seems incredible, I hope you all bought some cool stuff at the market!
Livvy, I now he's already commented but Callum is missing you loads, actually bawling at school (jk not really but I think he is crying like a baby on the inside ;) )
Anyway I hope you enjoy the rest of the trip I know it has gone so fast and the rest will to so enjoy it as much as you can!
Lots of love to Bex because I know you'll be sad if everyone else get too much attention!

Unknown said...

Hi Abby
Shopping at the market today hey!! No Mac makeup there I bet 😂.
On a serious note I hope you brought something that will remind you of your amazing experience and that you can treasure for years to come.
Seems like ages since I've seen your cousins are missing you too.
Expect massive hugs from the Robbins family on your return home ❤️
Enjoy the rest of your time and savour every moment. Can't wait to hear all about it.
Love you billions Auntie Helen xx

Unknown said...

Sammy - I contacted Zara and she said that she has been reading the blog and that she is missing you lots! We are all looking forward to having you home and hearing about all your wonderful experiences. Hope there will be loads of photos too! Love Mum xx

mandy said...

Hi megan

Hope your okay, looks like your all having fantastic time, except you look a bit grumpy in one of the pictures when your handing something to jacquelyn.

Malcom came in for haircut today, said he is missing you at work. Apparently it was really busy on sunday and you wasn't there to help him.

Rachel and Paul was asking how you was and send there love.

Bet you love the market, not the smelly fish thou, bet your face was a picture.

Nan hasn't been such a emotional wet wipe this time but can't wait until your home. In the storms here part of the tree that's at the back of nan's came down, frightened her to death now they are going to take it down all together which Is good.

Not long now and your be home, missing you so much it's just not the same without out you.
Love you lots mum dad asia danielle and nan. Xxxxx

mandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hi Amber
Looks like you've had another action packed day, looking forward to seeing what treasures you've bought at the market. We are all missing you more and more by the minute, and can't wait to see you, hug you, squeeze you, hear you and run round after you!!
Take care and make the most of your last few precious days in Milawi, lots and lots of love Mum, Dad and Courtney xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Danielle Carey said...

Hiya Megan,

Currently writing you a message while Shanes snoring in my ear!!!

I love reading the blog daily to see what you've been up too!!! Looks like your having an amazing time, can't wait to hear all about it when your home!!! I bet you loved the market, hopefully I've got a little present!!! I'm missing you so much moo!!! But enjoy your last few days and stay safe!!!

I went to doctors today for my hip and I've got to have an X-ray:(

I love you lots beautiful, I'm so proud of you!!!

Danielle and Shane xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi David Lem. Well that Volleyball net could do with a bit of help. Well done for getting it up in the first place. Sounds like a full on progamme still and everyone sounds like they're getting stuck in. A bit of learning on both sides, just as it should be.
Try and find a few clothes to wear and get that body covered up. Lol xx Dad

Unknown said...

Heyyy Lewis :))
Thanks for your message sweetie. Its so good to hear that you are having a fantastic time and soaking up every second of it. It was well worth all that fundraising and all the drying ups you did to get you there!! ( You're doing it for free when you get home ;)). Dad says he misses you loads and can't wait to see you next Tuesday and make you some podgy toast. I'm glad you didn't miss pancake day, Max ate 6!! He's recovering well, he'll be able to bath tomorrow which is good cos i was thinking of buying some pegs for my nose :D We love reading the blog and seeing pictures of you all. Keep taking lots of pics to show us when you get home. Love you more than the universe! Big kisses and lots of squishes, Mum, Dad and Max xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MintfreshAD said...

Heyyy Lewis
Damien here. Glad you're having a great time, I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back! Not too much going on here, aside from Max's little adventure, but I'm sure you'll have enough stories to make up for it. If not I can regale you with thrilling tales of working in a supermarket that will astound and amaze. Enjoy your freedom while you can, you'll have to put up with us all again soon! Love you lots, can't wait to see you when you get back.