Saturday 4 July 2015

Goodbye Uganda, Hello Malawi!

The XLP Team in Uganda did an amazing job this week, but a Team from Rushcliffe School & Farnborough Academy from Nottingham have just started their adventure to Malawi today, visiting a great new CRED partner, the Butterfly Space (www.  We're looking forward to some great stories and hopefully pictures over coming days.


Vgower said...

Testing! This didnt work earlier

Vgower said...

Ok, so got going, blogging isnt something Im used to.
Glad you all arrived safely apart from the sickness (was it the plane food?)
Have a great time and enjoy your adventure.
Take care, love V (kyles mum)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

so glad you all got there safe, im looking forward to reading all the exciting things you get up to and looking at these great photo's, hope you all have a wonderful time, you have all worked so hard for this trip of a lifetime so no more being sick lol and embrace every moment :) xxx (katies mum) p.s love you babe x

Unknown said...

Glad to hear you all arrived okay, I am so proud of you, and hoping that you have a great time. Just thinking of all those memories you will bring back with you. All that work you had to do to get there, is finally showing you it was worth doing. Molly' Nanna and Grandpa xxx

Unknown said...

You've arrived and safe and sound, that is good news.
Have fun and enjoy the experience, you are all helping to make a difference
Love Alice's mummy xxx