Wednesday 1 July 2015

Day 6

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not posting anything the last couple of days - internet has been a bit touch and go!  Photos will follow but for now here you are - all the details about what has been going down that past two days and an insight into all the brilliant work the team have been doing :)

Day 6

Mitchell had the worst night the day before being sick all night, and Ian had to stay up with him clearing up so they missed most of yesterday but this morning Mitchell jumped up saying he was feeling great and had slept so well so the team was all back together for our teaching experience. He has not stopped talking since and seems so happy that he is better. We drove to Maya primary school where we split into our 2 groups. Michael, Nicole and Mitchell taught about numbers and Ian, Kayliann and Shannon taught about colours. The children in the small class seemed nervous at first, they were so tiny and just stared at us strangely but after that they warmed up. All our preparation work seemed to have been worth it as the kids gradually understood what we were teaching and joined in everything enthusiastically. To help them learn about colours we made different colour flags and we saw the kids walking home waving them proudly. The lessons felt like they went really quickly and the older kids were much better at the maths than we had expected. We saw 2 big trucks on their sides which had overturned at the side of the road, they looked like pretty big accidents. On the journey back we also saw some massive vultures, there were 100s of them in 1 place. We came back to the house and had a great surprise – chicken and chips for dinner!


Nan and Dal said...

Love to Mitchell x x x Glad you're feeling better, there's nothing worse than being sick x x x Thankyou Ian for taking good care of him :-).
Look forward to seeing the photos later.

Jade said...

Glad Mitchell is feeling better if hugs and kisses xxx so glad your day of teaching went well x well done everyone you should be proud of yourselves x keep up the good work x

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you have been sick. You seem, however, to have bounced back fortified, especially with the Mitchellian chat!