Sunday 2 November 2014

final words from Paul..

What an incredible week. 
We came to serve the Acholi community who fled from north Uganda, from Kony and his Lords Resistance Army (LRA) over the last 20 years to the capital city Kampala. The Acholi people left every thing behind in fear of their lives and especially of their children being taken as child solders. 
We have heard very moving and painful stories from the mothers of the children we are working with, who lost their husbands in horrific ways, often in front of the family. Each day the team has pushed against tiredness, the heat, the rain and the pain of the story and given their all in teaching and playing with over 100 children aged 5 to 17. 
The 14 students from TLA and 10 from SRWA and Connie from London, have done their families and their communities proud. It has been a real privilege to watch them change and mature in front of our eyes. 
They have gained a fresh perspective on life and what we in the UK take for granted like running water, toilets and relatively stable family lives. They have a new understanding of the word 'refugee' and how we need to help more and more those that flee their beloved homes in search of safty and freedom and to keep their children safe and give them a future (in their shoes I too would become a refugee) 
We have a 14 year proud history in Littlehampton of  many, many young people from the town traveling to countries such as Ethiopia, Mexico, Kenya, India, Rwanda, Thailand, Romania and now Uganda. They travel to serve the poorest of the poor because they care and because they want to make a difference with their lives. 
I hope we continue to see the youth of Sussex and especially Littlehampton continue to be allowed to give of themselves and their skills to others and come back and teach us all lessons about love, hope and forgiveness.

If you know any of the students be proud of what they have achieved and be patient with them as they return fired up and yet frustrated. They have touched some of the harshest poverty on earth and as a result have been changed for eternity. It is such a privilege to see young people give, give and give some more. World changers.

If you are inspired by the work of this CRED Team and would like to make a donation to support the work with the Acholi Community, please go to: 


amanda said...

Thankyou Paul and everyone at cred and all the people in Uganda for looking after my daughter,all my love Amanda Doolan x

Kerry Simmons said...

There is no text book in world that will describe the emotions that we have all been through for this trip from the very beginning to the very end !! I for one would recommend this trip to every person who gets the opportunity! Thank you so much to Paul and his team ! I cannot wait to hear all their stories and to share them with all the people who made this trip happen !! Thank you xxx

Unknown said...

Paul and your team thank you for giving all the children this experience of a lifetime. Looking for to hearing Sharhys tales of her adventure thanks again xxc

Unknown said...

Sincere thanks to all at CRED for what they have done and for opening our awareness to this part of the world.
Jules - Jamie's mum

Unknown said...

Paul, the team and all the people who support CRED, words are not enough, however, I am going to have a go. Inspiring people with true and genuine charisma are hard to find. I cant believe so many of you live locally and have been able to make all of this happen, inspiring our sons and daughters. Truly amazing. Thank you. Dees mum, dad and family xxxx

Unknown said...

A big thank you Paul, the kids and the CRED team for all you have achieved. It has truly been a privilege to read your daily blogs and the stories of the Acholi community. And may the community service continue for our kids.