Sunday 27 July 2014

Ethiopia team 2014 - final blog

As team leader the final blog is my chance to gush about the trip and the team and all that has been achieved this past week!

It has been truly incredible in so many ways, and the children, women and staff of the Women At Risk project have been blessed in so many ways by all that the team has brought to the week. 

Resources, lessons, fun, laughter, energy, enthusiasm, a caring heart – each team member has been an integral part of the success of the trip and it wouldn’t have been the same without them all.

Thank you all for allowing them to come, and I can unreservedly say that you should be extremely proud of each and every one of them. And thank you for supporting your family member / friend in all that was involved in the build up to them coming on the trip.

I’m sure you will all have wonderful reunions when you get your loved ones back tomorrow, and will enjoy hearing their initial sharing of stories. But just a word to mention that after all that we have been through this week, there is still a fair amount of processing going on, and some of the girls may not feel able to share everything straight away. As you know from the blog, there has been a lot to take in and work through and work out, and it all takes time!

Thank you for being gentle with them, and supportive, as they work things through – and if any of you are concerned at all about anything to do with re-entry then please do get in contact with me (

But for now here are the summary sentences that they all wrote to try and encapsulate the past week.

Thank you again, and happy reunions!


Monica: AMAZING week, truly life changing and I’ll never forget it. I loved every second, inCREDible!

Marianne:  there are not enough words to describe how amazing this trip has been. All of us have made friends for life and learnt lessons that will stay with us forever. Thank you CRED!

Ella P: this week has changed my life, I can never see things in the same way again

Maisie: this week has meant so much that I can’t squeeze it into a sentence.

Heather: this week has been incredibly fulfilling and humbling – I’m ecstatic it happened but so sad its over. I’m so thankful for everything I have taken from this trip. There was never a dull moment

Mary: this week has been so inspirational and humbling. I’ve learnt so many invaluable life lessons that I will treasure forever. Thank you so much to CRED, Helen, Jimmy, all the teachers who came out here with us and to W.A.R for making it possible.

Cammie: its been a life changing experience that I’ll remember forever

Issie P: it is just indescribable!! Best week of my life.

Milly: this week has been one of the most incredible, inspiring and heart-warming experiences of my life. As well as being a real eye-opener, I’ve met some incredible children who I feel honoured to have known

Lucy: this trip has been absolutely amazing – I can’t explain well enough in words

Matilda: this trip has been better than I could ever have imagined; I will honestly remember it forever and would encourage anyone who can get involved to do so.

Ella W: words cannot begin to explain how amazing this trip has been – it’s been an eye-opening experience

Jenny: this trip has allowed me to feel the extreme of every emotion in such a short time; I cannot recommend it enough for anyone in need of a life-changing experience

Bethany: a remarkable week of unforgettable experiences with some beautiful people; something that will stay with me forever.

Mia: I’ve been so remarkably lucky to have spent this time with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Its been the best week of my life and its changed me forever

Eleanor: I have met some of the most inspirational people and my view on the world has changed so much. I will never forget it

Rebecca: this week has been something I never have, and probably never will experience again and I don’t regret a single moment

Scarlet: it’s the best trip I’ve been on by far; I hope everyone gets to do something similar someday too

Amber: everything we’ve seen and everyone we’ve met have been inspiring and incredible. We’ve been here for a week but this experience will stay in my heart forever

Gemma: I’ve seen some amazing sights, met some amazing people – I feel so lucky to have gone on this trip

Rosie: I have never smiled as much as I have in the past ten daysJ

Isobel M: a fantastic experience that has completely changed my perspective on things

Emily: this week has been fun, exciting, sad, surprising, happy, enriching and eye-opening. Best week of my life yet!!

Molly: this week has made me feel so appreciative of everything I have. Its been the best week of my life.

Sarah: This transformative CRED trip has exceeded my wildest dreams. In this last blog post I’d like to extend my warmest thanks to all the parents and friends who have supported us in so many ways, to Seble and her team for inspiring us with their strength, to Helen and Jimmy for leading us through the whole wonderful experience and to Heidi, Jamie and Roger for their energy, enthusiasm and wise advice. Most of all I want to congratulate all 24 girls from Brighton and Hove High School GDST for their passion, commitment and love for all the children of Women At Risk. You have made a real difference to their lives and we are all immensely proud of you. Thank you, Sarah.

And finally, if you wish to continue to support Women at Risk's work in other ways, please email for details.  All support, big or small, makes a huge difference. 

Thank you!


Unknown said...

Thankyou to everyone involved in looking after our girls and making their experience a great one to remember. It comes over very strongly in the blog that their time in Ethiopia will be well remembered and reflected upon and that they will, I'm sure, continue an alliance with the charity. Thank goodness for the blog. It has made Rosie's absence much easier for me at home...just enough information and lots of happy and active photos. Thankyou once again for this opportunity and the effort involved. Well done girls for making the most of it all. Miss you Rosie..see you soon..can't wait. mumxx jakexx

Unknown said...

I can't resist a final post to say thank you's.
Thank you again to the CRED team for making this trip happen, thank you to Sarah and the BHHS staff for having the courage to get the school on board with CRED (the first of many such trips I imagine) and for having the faith in our girls that they would be able to contribute to the WAR project. Thank you to all the women and children you've met this week for letting you in to their lives and giving you so much, and finally thank you to all you girls just for being you - you're very very special and I'm proud of you all.
Can't wait to see you tomorrow Cams - .can't promise not to cry!!
Heather and Bill xx

Unknown said...

Thank you CRED, Thank you BHHS and most of all thank you to the women and children of W.A.R. for welcoming the girls to come and share with you. It looks like they have had an absolutely fantastic time. We can't wait to see you Lucy and we will weep buckets! xxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hello Bethany and Everyone
Your whole week has sounded amazing, not just in the tales you have told, but through the pictures we have seen. Well done for making such a huge difference to some very special people.
With love Nikola, Ruby and Polly xxx

Unknown said...

Well done Rosie, I'm very proud of you. It looks like you and your group had the most amazing time helping people who don't have it as easy as us.
Looking forward to seeing you very soon.
Karen and Bill xx

Unknown said...

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