Friday 27 June 2014

Uganda, via Kenya, here we come!

On Saturday 28th June a team of 14 young people, 4 adults and 3 CRED Team staff will board a flight to Kenya where they will spend a night before flying on to Uganda the next day.

It has been an eventful journey getting to this point. Initially the team was due to go to Spurgeons Academy in Kibera, Nairobi. But all this had to change just 6 weeks ago with Al-Shabab causing sufficient chaos and unrest in Nairobi to result in the FCO changing their advice to British travellers, and warning against travel to a number of identified parts of Kenya, including Kibera.

So, the trip switched to Uganda, and we will now be running an education week for a group of Acholi children who have no other access to education due to poverty. They live in an informal settlement in Kampala and the team are all very excited about their new destination. It's the first time we have taken a team to work solely with this project, although CRED teams have visited them for single days many times before, so it is exciting to be part of a pioneering team!

We will post regular blogs here to keep you updated, but for now I just want to say congratulations to all the team who, despite having GCSE and AS exams to contend with, have also found time to plan, prepare and resource new activities and lessons for the children, because much of the previous planning was not really suitable due to such differences in academic levels.

Thanks to you all for all your hard work, and here's to a really great week making a significant difference to the lives of some who have so little.

And thank you to all the parents and friends who have been so supportive in this process - we'll do you proud, promise!

Until the next blog.......

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