Friday, 1 November 2013

India Friday

We arrived at the school for our final day greeted by smiling faces and high fives. For breakfast we had gulab jamun ( according to jevhan) which is a sickly sweet sponge dipped in syrup, ratio of gulad jamun  to omlette was 3:1.
After topping up our water bottles and readying ourselves for the long tiring day ahead, we went down in to our classes greeted by “ good morning sir” and “ good morning miss”. We started our final lessons in high spirits holding back the tears not wanting to leave the children but ready to get back home to share our stories. After an hour long lesson we escaped the constant asking for our autographs and photos and went upstairs for our break before getting our activities ready.
we then all piled into the hall for the final Hannah and Mikey show. This consisted of doing a series of obstacles whilst holding a balloon between the legs, ( not our cup of tea).
After that we went out to do our final activities and to finish our peformance for the concert, it was a lot of chaos and screaming and dancing in the hot hot hot sun but we finally made it work and realised that it was a our last chance so we were to make the most of it!

Once lunch had come, we all went up stairs to have lunch with the staff, our lunch was actually not curry! we had spicey chicken, poperdoms( or ploperdoms known in the bird and glover family) and lots and lots of rice!

 Once this meal had finished we went down to the hall to get ready for the concert. Smiling faces (students), nervous face ( teachers) came across the room as the first group for the performance went up on to the stage, the avengers did an amazing version of the famous lion king song “ wimboo way”, this put everyone in a bouncy and happy mood.
the incredibles ( chloes group)  then went up singing the “ superman song” and “ twinkle twinkle little star”.
then up came iron man, ( gracies group) who did the embarrassing well known YMCA, the children loved it and people at the back started to join in.
Then up came the hulk, ( sophies group) and they did a very loud and impressive version of “ hey captain jack” which made a lot of students in the audience chant along with them.
Finally CRED team went up to do our version of “ lean on me” we couldn't help but have a few giggles of nervousness but we were able to hold it back for a little while.
After our successful performance it was then the students time to show us a little bit of the indian culture, the girls did a lovely indian dance that had us all mesmorised, it was almost like they were telling a story with little yellow flowers being thrown at the end. By the time we had all done our thing it was time for the speeches, with Alice from Angmering and Jevhan from Worthing. Their kind and thoughtful speeches were definatly moving and were translated by Janaki.
as well as these we also had a man from the department of education, even though we couldn't really understand him but we know it was a thanks. Finally the time had come to say goodbye :(.

Everyone rushed out of the room eager to find the children and have many photo's filled with great memories. There was lots of tears as the students grabbed hold of our legs begging us not to leave. There were lots of photos being taken and gifts being given. Different groups of children dotted around the outside space were playing different variations of catch games with the footballs. As we all watched the students from upstairs we had huge smiles on our faces and knew we would remember this trip for ever.
By Gracie Sophie and Chloe H 


Andi said...

Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave?
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall?
But watching you stand alone,
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow.

One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling, don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

I can't believe it's gone so quick yet so slow.
Sooo proud.
Enjoy Saturday
We're enjoy Monday together



Sarah Hollick said...

oh wow guys that sounded and looked like an incredible ending to an incredible week cant believe how many children there were. What a life changing experience you and the children have had so many memories I am so looking forward to all the photos and stories I hope it wasn't to hard to say goodbye or many tears. Counting the hours now till your home safe.BY the way baby yours and nikitas blog yesterday was cool good job have a good day tomorrow darling before the dreaded long journey home and please keep in contact via mobile when you start getting reception love you so much darling cant wait for a big hug and kiss ok getting emotional now so sleep tight see you soon love mummy hollickxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx P.S was that you in the middle of the sea of children?

barbara neill said...

Can't wait to have you safe and home.
We have enjoyed seeing your great
adventure that will stay with you
forever.And I know you will be the
better for it.All our love your
very proud Nana & Grandad Neill.xx

Nyree said...

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it is a memory"
Look how you've grown! You didn't say what you wanted for your first day at home??
I'm not sure if this is your last blog?? If it is, don't forget to pack me one of those baby monkeys...ooh and a baby tiger... Ooh, ooh ,ooh and a baby elephant ooohhh and a koala.. Oops wrong country!!!.. Wrong continent too actually.
I love you. Don't forget your passport, and your tickets and your suitcase ( full of baby animals), travel safe.
Remember Grace, 'swallows always return'
Can't wait. Xxxx
Did you remember to offer Barry a plopadum. ; )

Anonymous said...

Roo I have just read out the blog to mum and sam who are travelling back from Manc. land, stuck at Heathrow on M25. We r all sooooooo looking forward to having u back and hearing your tales, we don't want grunts, we want your most descriptive storytelling. Carpae deum.....U certainly have! Love The Suthies

marcus birchley said...

Hi Chloe b lovely final blog the concert you all put on for the children sounded amazing and looks like you enjoyed your final day at the school with the children hope there wasn't too many tears but like i said before you went this will be something you will terish for the rest of your life hope you all have a safe trip home and look forward to all your stories and experiences from the week ;0)
See you soon looooooooooooove you


Marcus birchley

Robert Downham said...

What an amazing week you have all had. We are so proud of what you have all achieved with lots of memories which will last a long time. Hope saying goodbye wasn't to bad Abi and hope you enjoy your last few days until you come home. Can't wait to give you a big hug.
Lots of Love Mum, Dad and Sophie. xxxx

Julie Rowe said...

Hi Lissie
Another brilliant blog and lovely photo's, I can't believe there are so many children! I bet there were plenty of tears today, I'm sure you've got some amazing tales to tell and we can't wait for you to share them with us, I hope you've taken lots of photo's of your journey (Monkeys included)!
I finally got a message back from Francesca today, she tried to get on the Cred Foundation blog site but failed apparently. I'll text her over the weekend and invite her for tea on Monday, I know she's missed you lots.
Not sure what you'll be doing tomorrow but enjoy it anyway and try not to forget anything when you pack your case!
Take Care Darling and safe journey home. Can't wait to see you!
All our Love, hugs and kisses
Mum, Nannie, Grandad and Jordan

Karen Hayler said...

Another great blog thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences with us.... It has been brilliant hearing all about your days. Mrs Hayler.... Just going to check the minibus is fuelled up ready for Monday!

Liz Towner said...

Hi Soph. Loved today's blog - really action packed and we are sure there was quite a lot of emotion around on the final day at the school. What a lot you will have to tell us! Enjoy your last days in India and we are so looking forward to seeing you when you get home. Everyone has worked so hard, we are so proud of you and the teachers have been brilliant. Sending loads of love as always. Grandma and Papa

Family Penfold said...

Hiya Mo! Sounds like you had a great last day at the school - hope it wasn't too sad for you all. We spotted that you were holding a bag outside the sari shop! Can't wait to see it!! Been missing you lots, can't wait to see you Monday! Love you lots and lots from Millster!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

BRENDAN Hutton said...

Hi Chloe, loved reading your blog. Sounds like you have had a brilliant last day filled with wonderful memories. We are all so proud of you and everything you have achieved during your time in India. Can't wait to have you home and to hear all about your amazing adventure. Love you loads, sending you a big hug Mum, Dad and Aidan xxxx

Tracey Griffiths said...

Flash sari mob at the airport - oh yes xx
Looking forward to hearing all about it.
Tracey xx

Family Penfold said...

What an amazing last day at the school - can only imagine how emotional it was. Please tell us there is a DVD available of the Hannah & Mikey show - it sounds legendary!!! You should all be very proud for giving the children a fantastic week. We can't wait to see you Sophie - we have missed you so, so much...really can't wait to hear all about your experience. Have a great last day. Loads of love and hugs - Mum, Dad and Millie. P.s Mills still wants to go for a birthday curry next Saturday (sorry!)!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Emma Wallace said...

Another great blog - especially like the way it is still focused on the joy of the activities rather than the sadnesss of the last day. What a wonderful experience its been for you all and for us too folowing it every day. Not sure if we'll hear from you guys over the weekend but if not its going to be very strange indeed - the daily blog read at about 4pm has become quite a habit! Anyway wishing you all a safe journey and see you on Monday.
The Wallaces xxxx

Patrick Glover said...

Hello Precious Gracie..... Sad this wonderful experience is coming to an end but it will leave you with beautiful memories and stories to look forward to seeing you .... Lots of love from a very proud Nanny & Grandad xxxxxxx

Nyree said...

Forgot to say., lovely to see your name on the blog Gracie, well done. New Big Bang was on last night, we've saved it for you. Happy travels Little wanderer, love from all of us, Ma, Daddy, Enzo, Obi, Macy....and the fishes with no names! Xxxxx

mrabp said...

Looks like another great day. Hope you all enjoy your last moments in India.
Jed, glad you'll be home soon .... the dishwasher really needs emptying, the staircase needs hoovering and the cat needs grooming ... bet you can't wait to get back !!
Safe journey nd see you soon.
Loads of love Mum, Dad and Kiaya xx

Unknown said...

Hello there Nancy, posting this from Peckham....out with Auntie Al and Lou last night. Everyone here enjoyed reading the last blog and seeing with a why doesn't that surprise me....we are all wishing you a really safe journey home. Cant wait to see you and hear all about it. Luvvingtons!!!! Mum, Dad, Al, Nige, Lou, Hon, Ben, Barn, Harv, and Borry xxxxx