Wednesday 3 July 2013

Wednesday Day 3 teaching Nicole W and Jessie:

When we arrived at the school this morning the children were all clapping and cheering us as the bus drove in, this was really emotional as we realised how much they appriciate us and how much our teaching means to them. Nicole started crying at the overwhelming happiness the children showed.

When we walk the 5-10 minutes to the sports field the children all attatch themselves to us  having many children on each arm. A girl called Patience was also in awe with the length and colour of my hair always trying to plait and play with it. Not being used to white people and loving having us there.

Another amazing thing about kigali is the beauty of the scenery and how clean the country is kept as everyone is so proud of where they live, even though there is a water shortage the grass outside the appartment is always green and watered. This is also quite sad considering that many of the children we are working with dont have food or water some having to walk a few hours to get clean water and reach their homes.

Last night we also had a reflection evening which was very emotional hearing about everyones experiences including many stories about visiting the pigmes. As well as reflecting on just how kind and genorous the children are even though they have so little.

Tonight we are having a group talent show and games so we are due for a night of entertainment and laughter


Unknown said...

Hey guys! It's jade. ( Zacs sister). What your all doing is amazing. It sounds very emotional but just keep your chin up all of you because what your doing is life changing just remember that! And we are all very proud of you. Have fun tonight.
Zac it's very quiet without you here, I actually have somewhere to sit! I suppose I miss you a little bit ;). See you soon love you lots xxxx

Wongs said...

Wow! It looks like you are all having a fantastic time.

Great to see the fish Jessie!!

Loving reading about all you are doing - cant wait for 8,30 every night xx