Sunday 7 July 2013

day 1 by7 Chandos and Dan

We all managed to survive the two long flights from heathrow to addis and arrived in high spirts and the over whelming emotions of what to expect from the week ahead. It was a very short journey to our accomodation at the hotel lido and we all got settled in and grabbed a few hours sleep.

As the day went on everyones spirts became lifted by the fact that we were about to undertake an experience that would change our lives forever. Even during the course of the day we have seen just how grateful and lucky we are to live in the place like the UK. Drving through the city we saw people our own age and even younger living in unimaginable conditions that we wouldnt even think of.

For some of us it was too much to bear and was nearly brought to tears but what made it special is that they were all smiling even though they have bare to nothing. As we came back to the hotel we all talked about what we saw and how we felt about it to one another. We then all cracked on with our lesson plans for tomorrow making sure we have everything sorted and have all the right equiptment.

The evening finished with a visit to Hotel Ethiopia to watch Murray WIN the Wimbledon final – once they had found a TV channel with it on! The Ethiopians didn't quite know what to make of us!!!!

For some of us this is not the first time that we have been to ethiopia and we dont think it will be the last for the majority of us and dont think it will be the last time that the lot of us take part on a trip like this because it has had a huge impact already and it will increase the friendship between the group biulding a family bond.

PS Happy Birthday Helen!

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Julia said...

I don't know what happened to my comments from yesterday, but I just wanted to say I was so happy to hear you all arrived safely and hear about your exciting day preparing and planning and organising for your week ahead.
Well done to all of you
from Julia, Dale & Ethan (& Rowan & Daisy)
Big hug for Angelica - so proud of you x