Saturday 29 June 2013

Saturday – by Rozzie

We were finally on our first flight after queues for check in, security (which took queuing to a whole new level), dinner and boarding- fair to say it's lucky we're British! The first flight, to Ethiopia, was long and overnight, so a considerably tireder team arrived in

Olivia's first flight!

Addis Ababa than had left Heathrow. This wasn't helped by the typically long wait to board our second flight, but lots of much needed sleep was had on this two hour journey.
We finally reached Kigali, Rwanda, at noon, and were happily greeted by SUN which was a very welcome sight. The plethora of bags was luckily all on the right flight too, so a complete set of people and luggage arrived at our apartments. 
We have two apartments between all of us, and they are really wonderful places with spacious rooms and a lounge, plus fully functioning bathrooms! 
We just had a drive around Kigali followed by a delicious dinner of spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread, and are about to walk up to the neighbouring hotel to post this blog post and have a look at the area we can go to relax with a change of scenery. See you tomorrow!


joolsbk said...

Sounds amazing already. Enjoy a comfortable nights sleep.

Unknown said...

What a journey, the motor way was enough for me think I could of cycled quicker, enjoy plenty of sleep ready for a busy week, and some fun had by all ��