Tuesday 28 May 2013


In a nutshell – Gillian did more school development work with Oscar, meena did more social work with Rose, Ally did the first of her mentoring and self-esteem workshops, Carey did the first of her health ed workshops, Mary continued to teach sewing, Chris, Jake and Naomi did teaching, and Helen dipped in and out of most of the above, plus a few extra bits and pieces!

Summary from Jake
I have made new friends today, and I enjoyed visiting the older classes and seeing the learning environment and how it is different to the younger classes. I now get called Mazungu Jack (Mazungu = Swahili for white person)!

Summary from Naomi
I enjoyed visiting the school and meeting all the children in the classes. I enjoyed taking part in the after-school dancing and singing club, and also seeing the children reacting so excitedly to Gulliver my school bear.

Summary from Mary
I enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm of the women as they learnt new sewing skills, and sharing a bit about their lives compared to my life.

Summary from Meena
It was really interesting listening to the cases that Rose the social worker has to deal with. Compared to England they don’t have many services to refer families to. We have so many choices and they manage on so little

Summary from Carey
Privilege to be with the children, very talented in art, and just good to be part of the day. Incredible to learn about different cultures and different ways of life compared to us.

Summary from Ally
Spent the morning with teachers sharing the strategies I use at Castle school for behavioural, emotional and social difficulties; interesting doing it in the context of another culture. Lovely to get to know the children a bit more today, and I loved being called Mama Jack!

Summary from Chris
Really enjoyed being in the classes with the older ones, but harder work than with the younger ones. All the children have been very responsive and lovely though. I also enjoyed going to the sewing centre with Mary this afternoon and met some inspiring ladies who taught me some Swahili as well showing how keen they are to learn new skills and be able to want to work.

Summary from Gillian
Another good day with Oscar, always so encouraging to hear about schools who are passionate about improving, no matter what and despite their circumstances. Lovely to see the pride when an ex-student who has done well comes back and talks about what he is doing now.

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