Tuesday 9 October 2012

Tuesday 9th October by Poppy and Sam

Firstly one word to sum up today, INCREDIBLE! It has been, absolutely amazing, and wow its gone so quickly!! Firstly this morning we woke up with are 6.30am start, showered, got on the bus arriving at the school at 8.00 with a warm welcome of high fives. We had ten minutes which was filled with yet more high fives and then we had a delicious breakfast which was quite challenging and new for most. This consisted of a doughnut like sweet bread in fact scrap sweet VERY VERY  sweet! Then to top this off even sweeter sauce. 
Then the lessons commenced.  As the lessons started it was amazing to discover the children’s work ethic once again, always willing to learn, when a question being asked there hands stretching up as high as they can reach, as normal the time too quickly as they say time goes when your having fun!! Then we had a short break, followed by activities packed with eager little faces, some painted, some drew, some danced, some sang, either way it was absolutely great, I think we all enjoyed it more than them, learning new things, faces, words every second. Then we had another scrumptious lunch, no guesses, it was curry!! 
After this we eagerly ran to our next activity, most of us being outside, in the very hot sunshine!! But with factor 50 sun cream and hats all round It was so fun, seeing all there smiley faces, gazing up at us wanting more, more and more! Sadly this could not be as the school day ended and we all had to go home. 
On our way home, we stopped by a Leprosy Colony. As we drove in, immediately something grabbed are emotions.  We had just seen where these innocent people lived. Janakie, are kind, loving cook, guide and dear friend showed us round their homes. They were more like shacks, draped with blankets and shawls. They looked like ugly sheds to us, but there was something that made them feel very homely. The thought of them being kicked out of there villages because of a disease they had didn’t seem right, so this immediately surged us forward in wanting to help and become friends with.  After we had visited there homes we all sat down, and they sang and played there music to us. We didn’t understand a word but the music and upbeat of the sound made it all very enjoyable. Then we sang for them, we all sang  Shine Jesus Shine with everyone clapping happily along, then we all sang  the yellow submarine, or  are version the yellow high school bus!! Then after much entertainment we handed them out bananas which they gratefully accepted . Then with a lump in are throats, we sadly had to go, knowing that the whole experience had taught us a very valuable lesson and definitely touched are hearts. 
We then went back to the hotel, feeling very emotional, but had had a brilliant day all the same, looking extremely forward to the day ahead. 
Thanks all love from Sam and Poppy

rubbish heap right next to the leprosy community homes

sharing songs and smiles with the people living in the leprosy community


becca lucks family said...

Wow your day sounds amazing and the pictures look wonderful well done all. After much searching I finally found bec in a picture lol xxxx

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chloes family said...
india looks amazing you all look like
you are having a fantastic time.The blogs are brilliant cant wait for the next one. take care all of yo love you clo xxxxxx