Thursday 11 October 2012

Thursday rain and some time at the movies!

When we arrived to the school we were greeted by smiling faces yet again. The whole teams first lessons went really well, now the kids are less shy the lessons flow better. After first lesson all the kids gathered in the assembly hall as per usual, and Paul came out with another game for the leaders and teachers to join in with. It was similar to rock paper scissors, but instead we used warrior, dragon and princess which when the men got up to participate was hilarious! Also in first assembly, we watched the CRED India video from 2010 and all the kids faces just lit up when the memories of the last trip came flooding back to them.
After assembly we all ran activity one, which for Ashley was singing ‘here comes the sun’ by the Beatles and playing splat. First activity for Maddie was mask making! We got paper plates and paints and just let the kids go crazy with it. Activity 2 for Maddie was just carrying on from first and for Ashley was card making and cricket.
After assembly we all came together in the hall again for our second assembly where we sang head shoulders knees and toes and various other sing-along songs. We also carried on with the dragon, warrior, princess game between two of the teachers who left the first assembly on a draw.
After our second assembly of the day we all began our free play session and then it started to rain! At the time, it made us a little homesick because the rain was just like England all over again. The rain did stop us from doing a few of our activities such as playing outside during free play and visiting the slums, on the plus side however, the rain really cooled us all off after a hard day and we all had a little photo session with our new friends. Two of them were called khrisma and Gopal, which we all love to pieces and took plenty of pictures with them. The boys where really over excited about the camera and photo session, where the girls were all a lot calmer. Before we knew it we had run out of space on our memory cards and had to stop! But we will never forgot the pictures and memories we couldn’t take.  
In the evening we sat down with Janaki and listened to her incredible story of all the projects she has set up. This includes the leper colony, she supports 52 village pastors, has secured funds to drill 6 bore holes, the orphanage, medical support and work with old people. On top of that of course the school we have been working at. What an inspiration she is to us all.

Last day tomorrow with the potential for lots of tears of good byes but what an amazing week.

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