Friday 12 October 2012

Helena and Emily… about Friday

Woke up to the usual banging of the door at 6:30. Ready down at the bus at 7:20.  The road leading down to the school is not any less bumpy even after these few days. Breakfast was amazing and for once we did not have curry, instead we were treated with omelettes. Sadly after breakfast we had to say good-bye to Megan and Bekah. For the first time this week we stood outside with the children whilst they were repeating their prayers. Lessons went smoothly and as it was our last day we were given lots of flowers and presents. Nearer the end of the lesson we were brave enough to try for a class photo. This seemed to excite the children who all wanted to see themselves on the screen. Before activities in our daily break time we were in the hall with Paul. Todays team leader challenge was ‘how far can you throw a water balloon without it popping?’ For the last leaders challenge the red team won!!
The activities today consisted of rehearsing for the show and playing games.

At the end of lunch when we were just getting ready to go down for the show torrential rain started and kept going for 1 hour and a half. Because of this the show was postponed.  When we were finally able to start the show each team showed a performance of a song they had been practicing. The show ran smoothly. At the end of the show we had three speech givers Emily Ind, Ashley Macey and Emma Watson –Jones. All three speeches consisted of giving thanks to Janaki and the school. Afterwards we were faced with the challenge of having to say good-bye to the children. All the team leaders were surrounded by smiling and sobbing children who all wanted your autograph and pictures.  Most team leaders joined the sobbing crowd of faces not wanting to let go of the amazing individuals we had become friends with over the past week.
After this difficult task we had a big celebration meal with all the staff from the school.

All in all this week has been life changing, eye opening and will stick in our memories for an extremely long time. One lesson we have learnt is that whatever life throws at you, you can always be happy. 

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