Sunday 8 April 2012

Thoughts from the Team

Reflections from most of the team,
written Saturday evening.

This trip has been absolutely amazing and such an eye opener. I
have valued every moment and I cant wait to get home and tell everyone
about it. I have met some lovely people and I will never forget them
especially Shojadul Islam whose been really nice to me and everyone
else. The kids and the teachers are such an inspiration to every
single one of us, I really hope to return next year, I would love to.

This trip has been the best experience of my life... and I've
made so many new friends and have met some amazing people with life
changing stories. I cant wait to share them with family and friends.
I'll never forget this trip or the people I've met. and there will
always be a special place in my heart for kenya and the people. I will
never forget their smiles and their happy personalities even when they
have so little.

Just wanted to say how proud I am of all the students. They
have been such a credit and have done amazing work out in Kenya which
will have a lasting effect. We have already started to see the good
work they have done being put into action. This trip has been the most
incredible experience and I feel very lucky to have spent it with such
amazing people. Thank you to everyone involved.


They say that Africa gets in your blood... this trip has
reaffirmed it! The children are amazing, their resilience and strength
unbelievable and their smiles are something to be cherished. They have
displayed skills that are outstanding and they are so welcoming
despite everything they have to endure. Their staff are so dedicated
and willing for their students to achieve the best they can and our
Kenyan experience has been one I will never forget. And finally, our
leaders have been oustanding in every aspect. They are such a great
and talented group that I'm sure this adventure will be one that stand
them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Sophie I:
Before I came on this trip, everyone said that it would be a
live changing experience. They were completely and utterly right.
Walking down the dusty roads, past the mud and metal shacks of houses
made me realise how real poverty is, as when you see it all on
television, it just doesn't seem real. We all met some amazing people
at the school and it was very emotional having to say our goodbyes
earlier today. But, we will never forget them and most of us hope to
come back to Spurgeons. This week has been a truly fantastic
experience and it will stick with me forever. Even though it was very
sad to leave the kids at Spurgeons, I can't wait to come home and see

Africa... I love you. Kenya has been the most amazing trip ever,
yet again a life changing trip which has re-lit that fire in my heart! These children are the most beautiful and inspiring people with
aspirations which reach the sky, truly incredible. This week I have
not only built the most amazing friendships within the team but also
created relationships with the spurgeons kids that will last a life

I have enjoyed this week loads and met new people (Katie
Burling). Love african football, I love the celebrations, I'm a true
African football fan. Chevita my new friend enjoyed giving me great
hugs at the end. Missing everyone at home loads and will see you all
tomorrow. Especially Shojadul Islam my next door neighbour.

Olli Knight:
This week has been amazing I have made some amazing
friends (KATIE BURLING) and have witnessed some beautiful things,
every day has been incredible, the children suprise us with new things
everyday! P.S mum I fancy a roast! big bit of chicken please!! x

This week has been the most memorable of my life, spent with
the most amazing people for example Katie Burling and Shojadul Islam
and sharing some great experiences with them. I know that we have made
a difference as all the children constantly ask if we are coming
back!! It will be sad to leave.

Shojadul Islam:
This week has truly been an eye opening and inspiring
experience, filled with laughter, happiness and big lovely smiles.
I've made some great friends on the way and will hope to stay in touch
with them all, and a big thankyou to all on the trip for making this
trip a great enjoyable one, plus just like to say thanks to everyone
for putting up with me :D.

P.S. gonna be hard to leave such a
beautiful country. Also, I love Katie Burling loads (as a friend)

This week has been the most amazing experience of my life and I
wouldnt of changed any of it. I have always wanted to come and live
out in Africa and this trip has just made me want to follow my dream
even more. I have met so many amazing people on this trip and made
such good friends (SHOJADUL ISLAM), I really dont want to leave! A big
thank you to everyone who has made this trip happen and have supported
me all the way. It is going to be very hard leaving this beautiful
country and all the amazing people in it. I hope to follow my dream
and come back here soon, thank you once again. I will miss this so
much and George but it is something that will stay with me forever.
love you all.

This trip has been amazing and the people of Kenya are so
happy and smiley. I dont want to leave but I know i'll be back here
someday. And Shojadul Islam you've been a great room mate especially
during the tough times (you know what that means ;).). and Katie
Burling best mate everrrrrr <3.

This experience has been absolutely incredible. I am so
happy to have shared it with the people that I have. Both the teachers
and students of the spurgeons academy were incredibly welcoming and this made the trip even better. Today was sad as we left all the
children but hopefully we made them as happy as they made us. Will
never forget this week! love you all!

Thankyou Ali and all of the leaders for sorting out this amazing trip,
from Katie and Shoj!

The children and staff at Spurgeons are so inspiring and
welcoming. Kibera is a second home to me now. This experience has been

Its been an amazing week, I can't imagine coming with another
team, I will never forget this and I hope to come back again.

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