Sunday 1 April 2012

Kenya Team: days 1 and 2

Day 0ne and two ( Charlie and Lillie)

Day one: after an early morning start we caught our flight at half
ten. During the flight films were watched and games were played. The
food served gave Mr Pulling the chance to eat his own and finish any
left overs off.; however he could not be beaten by Shoj and his
cheese and oinion rolls! We finally arrived at Nairobi airport around
about 8 oclock local time. From there we off-loaded all our bags with
the help of the orange tags and man power. after counting the bags we
noticed we were a few short: this made Mr Clarke go red in the face -
this is strange for a pro as he normal doesnt glow like a star.

Day two: we were all up pretty early after Shoj woke us shouting
'who's nicked my towel'. A couple of the group enjoyed the delightfull
cold shower except the lucky few earlybirds.

We then all met at 9 for breakfast; there we had unusual guest of a
kitten join some of the girls for their breakfast also. After this we
left for spurgeons school. where we linked up with kenyanito for
church where we sung, danced and introduced ourself to the community.

After this we met the headteacher of the school Oscar who gave us an
insight into living in Kibera by taking us on a tour around the slums.
This made our trip feel real, it was an eyeopener to see young
children doing jobs like wheeling wheelbarrows and carrying water; it
affected everyone and the sight of young children caring for other
young children stood out to many of us... but through all this nearly
everyone living in the slums had a smile on their face.

From there we jumped back on the bus and drove about 10 minutes to a
local pizza place. this was clear to us how things could be so
different and change so quickly.

We reached the youth hostel for a well deserved break before getting
back to buisness sorting the equipment for tomorrow's activities.
There's so much stuff, it's just amazing. some to give away, some to
use for the activities, some as prizes for the mini-Olympics and
football tournament. So many people have been so generous and its so
great to be here able to be the ones giving it all away.

For now, over and out. :)'

from a lovely sunny Kenya - catch you later!

(we'll try and get pics up soon)

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mentaly4 said...

It was realy nice trip as you posted above.Surely, you guys have you ever asked yourselves where those children you have been giving support ended up to and if it is so. What causes all these....mentaly4 Old boy at spurgeon's...