Friday 16 March 2012

The story: How a trip changed the life of a UK young person

To protect the identity of the author, his name and identity have not been displayed.

"I really dont know how to put into words how life changing and amazing Thailand was. I met so many inspiring people and heard their incredible and tragic stories, the suffering and injustice they have all endured at the hands of other greedy selfish people - it's so hard to understand! It leaves you wondering how can it be allowed to happen? Why haven’t we stepped in to help end their pain? It seems as though they have been shut out and forgotten by the rest of the world.

And yet, despite all of the pain, heartbreak and suffering they have been through, they are some of the kindest, welcoming and happiest people I have ever met. They have every right to be hateful and sad but their sense of community and love that they share is so overwhelming. Working in the schools with those amazing children/young adults I saw so much talent that would never be discovered: so many young Adeles and Picassos who would never get the chance to be successful because of the evil actions of other people.

Hearing Pastor Edmonds story really put a lot of things into perspective for me; I realized that all of the things i was letting rule my life at home were really only tiny in comparison to what the Karen people in Thailand have to deal with every day. It's taught me to move on from these problems and to appreciate all that I have, whether it is running water or having my family with me. Doing this will make me a better person and will help me to continue to work with disadvantaged people living in poorer parts of the world and help others to the best of my ability.

I have made such incredible lifelong friends in the short time we were in Thailand, people who were strangers before we left, but this amazing experience has given us all something in common which we can share, remember and treasure forever."

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