Saturday 24 March 2012

Changing The World With Spreadsheets

Just returned from Addis Ababa, having spent the week meeting, discussing, assessing and calculating figures... Good to meet again with old friends and experience great Ethiopian hospitality. And if you're into coffee and not had a 'buna', you've not lived. (like a tall espresso but unlike any other I've tasted - they are the home of coffee after all)

Lots of meetings with the Boards and Management of 2 local organisations which emerged from our partner IHA-UDP, with whom we'll be partnering. Lots of challenges due to funding shortages, and a complicated local situation. The next week will be crucial as they get certain documents together and as we try to rejig costs here and there, hopefully getting the bid money through by April / May.

The prize in sight is continuing to serve communities who barely earn enough to even survive. No hand outs, but an empowering grassroots approach where the community joins together with a holistic approach to tackling poverty.

At least that's what I have to remind myself when ploughing through mountains of paperwork and spreadsheets. Grant funding certainly does not come for free...

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